Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

All About Me And My Good Friend


My name is Muhammad Khoirum Gavin Azarya, you can call me Gavin. I live in Tanjung sari street, RT 01,RW 08 the district Cangkuang Kab. Bandung, that’s so far from my school now, so now I live in Bali street number 15. I was born in Subang 06/04/2000, and now I’m 15 years old. My Idol is Rasulullah SAW. My favourite food are rendang and fried rice. My hobbies are playing futsal, game, and modification of motorcycle. My favourite fruits are Banana and apple.
I’m from 1 Margahayu Junior High School. Now I’m studying at SMAN 3 Bandung that is my dream and now my dream come true. Why I’m in 3 Bandung senior High School now?, because my parrent always pray to Allah and my workhard, without them I can’t in here now.

About My Friend

I have friend, he is good and handsome, he come from 1 Cimahi Junior High School. He’s name is Farhan Fauzan, he live in Usman Dhomeri street, number 106. he was born in 19 may 2000. he’s hobbies is playing football, and he’s favourite food is fried duck. he;s favorite fruits is Banana, and he’s like math too. I hope I can be a good friend for him and he too to me.

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