Selasa, 01 September 2015

My School Life


                School life, who know school life?, school life is experience when we school. school life is
 important, Because so many interesting experience in school, so we can tell to our children later. so we can find interesting experience in the school, as well as good or bad experiences. if we got a bad experience, it does nothing because it is the beginning of a good experience.

                I alumni 1 Margahayu junior high school, now I’m studying in 3 Bandung Senior High School. why I want to join 3 bandung senior high school?, because 3 Bandung Senior High School is my best school and my favourite school, and now my dream come true, I accepted in 3 Bandung senior high school, I am very grateful to god.

                Before I study, I joined the school program named POST. the purpose of this program is to invite and encourage new students to follow extracurricular and what extracurricular benefits. in this activity, I can easily socialize with the others and it was a very exciting experience I became acquainted with people from different regions.

                I have studied here for about six weeks. My class is X-8 and it is located in the third floor. There are two whiteboards where the teacher teach the student. table and chair is not the same as in my junior high school, when Compared with my junior high school, still good at my junior high school. but that's not important, what is important is how we learn.

                there are bad things often happen in our class, the AC in the class it's not working, so as the day after the break, we always hot and not focus on learning. The air conditioning could not be lit why ?, because no remote suitable for the air conditioner. And one day Laput and I tried to manually turn on the air conditioner and it worked. but we can't set the AC temperature, because Laput and I turn on the AC with manually.

I think the difference in the junior high school is no difference, only the tasks and the people here are differentiating. people here are very different from those in junior high, here the people good and smart, they are smart, intelligent, and active, and there are some people who like to make jokes.
they are smart, I do not want to fall behind, I have to study hard to compete with them all. when I no willingness to learn I would be left far behind. the hallmark of which is hereditary in 3 bandung senior high school, is no different than in junior high school, as we have do to greet the teacher, senior, and all citizens belitung.

                Every day I wake up at 04.00 am, although where I live near, I’m still waking up at 04.00 am. Every day I went to school on foot, because I live in Bali’s street. Actually my house in Ciherang the district of Bandung. because my house is far so I rented a room to stay.

                That’s all from me thanks. I’m Gavin see you!^^

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