Selasa, 17 Mei 2016

Dewa Athena

Assalamuaikum, Wr.Wb. how are you guys? Now I will tell about Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena, Yes it is a sports week at school. Since long I wait for this event finally arrived. Well now I will share the experience of what I felt when following activities Dewa Athena.
The first day started with the opening ceremony in the field bali authorized by the principal. Then proceed with the next event is a marathon, it is not far just around schools only but it was quite tiring but we are still happy because we did together. We sang “keliling Indonesia” while running marathon. You know? “Lari keliling Indonesia dari Belitung sampe jawa kami semua bahagia..” hahaha ya it's a little sample of the song. After completion of marathon several branches of sports competitions began, the atmosphere of competition began to be felt. Each class spirit burn with their yells, clothing used was the same all describe the cohesiveness of each class. I and my class using a dark blue jersey, we all look compact haha.

The first competition we play is gobak Sodor, because we follow all the branch so not everyone follows all branches of the competition. We set the players according to their talents and abilities so everyone gets to play and contribute in this competition. By chance I included a list of players gobak sodor of my class. Thank God we won the first game. Oh yes, I forgot. before gobak Sodor, We astafet run first, but unfortunately we lost because one of his players slip when running hahahaha. Then there are many more competitions that we follow.
On the second day we still follow many competitions as we undergone many victories in many branches yesterday. euphoria rivalry still the same as yesterday. The classes began to be seen as the champ began many classes that fall. Oh yes, this second day we participate in the tug of war and its Alhamdulillah we won, this race was very memorable for me. Why impressive? Yes very impressive because in the tug of war is very noticeable compactness, compact whom he wins. In this race we also learn how to strategize, develop strength, trust in friends and how to struggling. Struggle? Yes haha here we burn our spirit so not a few injuries that we can.
The third day, the last day but there are still a lot of unfinished competitions so is forwarded later in other time. Today we have a small competition followed, in addition did not qualify there is also a branch that we have entered the semi-final stage. Haha event was very enjoyable. Today we play badminton, dodgeball, tug of war, gobak Sodor, chess, and volleyball. We play gobak sodor twice a day and finally we get in the semi-finals.

This event is very memorable for us, is not just a competitions but we learn how to uphold sportsmanship. We very much look forward to the continuation of the Dewa Athena. Hopefully we can be a winner in one of the branches of this competitions.

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