Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

No                   : 20
Name             : Muhammad Khoirum Gavin Azarya
Class               : X-8

My last Holiday

My last holiday I just stay at home because my parrents is busy. Everyday I only eat, sleep, and playing game… but, when late december my uncle from Pamanukan came to my house, and in the night of the new year, my family and I “Bakar Jagung” together, and after that my family and I sleep late night

 And in the morning my family and I went to waterboom at Soreang, that’s so beautiful place. After that we went to “Pick Mie” in there we eat Ramen, and then we went back to home….

The next morning my uncle back to Pamanukan, so I’m back to my activity that is Sleep, eat, and playing game… 

On 8 january 2016, I must went to “Gudang Utara” to training “Merpati putih”(Silat), because on Maret 2016 I have tournament in Bogor “Presiden cup”

After I’m training “Merpati Putih” I went to kossan to take a rest, after that I went back to home In Banjaran

In home I take a bath and sleep, the next morning on 9 january 2016 I Run to make my stamina increase then I sparing with my father, he is my sparing partner, my father is tall so I can’t reach his head with my leg, he have beautiful defense.

On 10 January 2016, I went back to my “kossan” in bali’s street then I prepare anything for tomorrow because tomorrow I must back to school.

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