Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Education in Indonesia

I think education in Indonesia is still bad because many were still not done school because there are still many people who lived in the remote areas .

Education in Indonesia is very important , because it concerns the future of the nation , Indonesian children are the seeds of seeds for the nation's leaders and their schools must be filled with character and matterials

And in Indonesia many children drop out of school because they are poor because they can not afford to go to school because the school is now very expensive

The government and the nation must work together to find solutions and menyesaikan education crisis problems still occur sampat this time , with the attempts , by making beberpa policies and run with the best . The nation should also help the government to carry out policies in government and certainly remove berjalanya oversee the policy.

One of the government's efforts to increase education subsidies , with subsisdi raising government hope that all Indonesian children can go to school without thinking about the cost of expensive again .But in reality the uneven distribution of subsidies , as a result there are still many children in rural areas who have not been able to attend school. Here the task of the nation to help oversee the distribution of the subsidy cost of education to all regions in Indonesia .

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